Many people have heard the word “autism” before, but do not know what exactly it actually means. Movie clichés in particular contribute to the fact that very few people know how complex the subject actually is and what it brings with it.

Our goal is to educate, answer common questions and provide support.
Especially when dealing with the topic for the first time, the amount of information on the Internet can be overwhelming. We specifically gather the most important tips and answers, based on our experience in supporting our members.

The pages are gradually being made available in ” simple language” and are barrier-free. In this way, we want to ensure that the information is equally available to everyone.
For the use of screen readers and for the general reading flow, we therefore refrain from using gender forms of terms and use the gender-neutral form whenever possible, or the generic masculine used here neutrally.

Since we’re based in Germany, the website has been built mainly in German.
In our statements, we refer to German regulations and the current state of knowledge here. However, since we also have members whose native language is not German, we would like to provide our offer additionally in English – whether for the members themselves for better understanding, or to pass on to relatives and friends.

Who are we?
Our team consists of diagnosed autistic people, people with suspected autism, and their families and loved ones.

Since May 2019, we have been running a group with over 2,500 members, to whom we provide daily support and advice.

The entire service is run on a voluntary basis, and the number of members is constantly increasing. Therefore, we would now like to make our collected information accessible to even more people outside of social media with our website.

Where did it all start?
Our group can be found on Facebook. It is moderated by a team of more than 10 people, and there are now even local regulars’ meetings that can be found in our event calendar.

Of course we are also happy about new members!

The group is open to anyone who has received their autism diagnosis or suspects they may have autism, as long as the diagnosis or suspicion was first received after the age of 16.
Relatives or loved ones of these individuals are also welcome.

You can find us at the following link: